The Jacobs Group

  You need a white paper to describe your soon to be released product, but most writers lack the background to understand the technology. Your marketing staff is busy preparing to launch the product and has no time to write. Your development staff is working against tight deadlines to complete the product. They don’t have time to explain technical concepts to a writer. Knowledge developed over our many years with a wide variety of network and computer products and technologies enables us to quickly understand your product and produce a white paper with minimal help from your staff.

Your new product has been launched and initial customers have been pleased with it. Your marketing and sales staffs are busy contacting other potential customers. You need case studies describing initial customers' experiences. Again, we can quickly produce these studies based on our experiences working with customers over many years as we managed product release and customer support.

Examples of published articles and papers

IBM: Visualization Tools Create Advanced Interactive Displays

IBM: Exploring Databases in the Clouds

IBM and Avaya: Communication-Enabled Mashups Empower Business Owners and IT

IEEE 802.11e: QoS for wireless networks

Microsoft Azure Platform Services

Five considerations for cooling VoIP

Wireless Security Protocols: WPA and WPA2

Energy Saving Tips for Business Networks

TPM Chip, An Unexploited Resource for Network Security

Additional examples available upon request. Topics include VoIP, Security, Network Management, Disaster Recovery, and IPv6.