The Jacobs Group

During our years as a development manager, we were often called upon to take over leadership of critical projects. In many cases, the project had lost focus and was falling behind. We can step in and take over on a short term basis, put the project on track, establish a realistic schedule and manage the project to completion.

Client Projects

A small, startup software vendor had made a commitment to a customer, but the manager leading the project resigned. Very soon the project began to slip. We were brought in to complete the project. We created a well defined schedule and tracked it with accurate and honest reports for management. The product met the customer’s committed date with high product quality.

A high-priority trade show was approaching but employees were busy finishing up a new product release. We gathered the equipment, modified a demo program, tested the demo, packed the equipment and shipped it to the show site. Then traveled to the site, set up and retested the equipment.

A manufacturer had retained a training development firm to produce customer training materials. Later, new features added on the product’s second release made the materials out of date. Tight budgets made bringing back the original training developers to update the materials impossible. We were brought in to update the materials. We also worked through the lab exercises and fixed numerous mistakes in the original training.

Other Services

You are preparing for an important customer presentation. You need someone who is technically knowledgeable but brings an outside perspective to point out where your presentation is not clear and to ask the types of questions a customer might ask. We can act as that reviewer.